Does Your Business Have a Succession Plan Yet?
What happens to your business, your family, your plans, if all of a sudden you are not around? How about if you simply want to retire? Will your family be secure and will your business be able to continue to provide for your family just as you planned?

Stan Lee: Takeaways from Marvel Legend's Elder-Abuse Saga
The following is a recent InvestmentNews story about the controversy surrounding Mr. Lee's estate.

Medicaid Bill Would Prevent Spousal Impoverishment as Route to Home Care Coverage
House lawmakers have taken a step toward extending crucial — but expiring — financial protections to seniors receiving long-term care in home or community settings.

Joint Ownership: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Putting a child on your bank account can make life easier as you get older, and it can help your heir avoid probate after you're gone. But it comes with some pretty severe downsides. In fact, a revocable trust may be a better move.

Elder Care: Importance of Updating Beneficiary Information
As we enter the fall season and get ready to set our clocks back in November, here are some insights to motivate you to finish the year strong by making sure your estate plan is secure.

Before the Death of a Spouse, Here's how to prepare a financial plan for living alone
Aretha Franklin is reportedly one of the latest celebrities to die without a will. But what happens to your money and assets without one?

Even Your Pet Needs an Estate Plan
Who will feed Fifi once you’re gone? It's something you should probably put in writing. There are three different ways to do that, some offering more protections than others.

Succession Planning: Planning for Success
This article will cover what Succession Planning is and isn’t critical elements of a plan, and a short case study of succession planning in action.

SEMINAR: Long Term Care & Estate Planning
5:30 PM - 7 PM @ Laurelton Fire Department, 405 Empire Blvd., Rochester, NY 14609

Are Adult Foster Homes a Good Long-Term Care Option?
It’s a choice that may not be on a family’s radar until a health crisis leads to the realization that their loved one can no longer live alone.

3 Retirement Planning Tips for 2018 and Beyond

Here are three of the most important parts of your retirement planning journey; and how to get them right.

5 Invaluable Retirement Planning Tips for Women
Here are several top tips for women on how to plan for retirement. All five will help maximize ones success when it comes to retirement planning.

Have 'The Talk' about Finances, Estate Planning with Your Parents Already
When you were a young’un, your parents may have sat you down to talk about the “birds and the bees.” Now it’s time to turn the tables and address another uncomfortable topic: their finances.

Top Estate Planning Tips for Loved Ones with Special Needs
There are unique planning requirements for family members who have special needs. Here are some tips to consider when planning for your loved ones.

How and When to Start Estate Planning
Estate planning is one of the most ignored areas by people seeking advice on managing finances and capital.

8 Estate Planning Moves If You Are Getting Divorced
Divorce is not easy. It’s not only a difficult time emotionally, but you also have a lot to do and many decisions to make.

How to Make an Estate Plan in Just 10 Steps
Estate planning is a difficult topic to bring up, but it's a very necessary conversation to have. If you're older, or if you have elderly parents, it's important to be prepared.

4 Asset Protection Mistakes to Avoid
At our Top 100 event, Ariel Enisman, attorney with the Presser Law Firm, gave tips on creating an asset protection plan.

How worried should you be about Medicare and Social Security lasting?
An unexpected weakening in the finances of Social Security and Medicare has raised concern about the bedrock programs for the middle class.

Elder Law: Do you have to ‘spend down’ for Medicaid requirements?
You have heard that there are restrictions on resources that one can own as well as how much income one can have when seeking help from Medicaid.

Elder Care: Top 10 reasons to see an elder law attorney
Here are the top 10 reasons to see an elder law attorney.

8 Retirement Planning Red Flags
You should be saving at least 15 percent of your gross household income, and that includes any employer match you may be receiving.

10 states with the highest average Social Security retirement benefit
If you're planning on relying solely on your social security check for retirement, you may want to reconsider. Here's why.

3 Social Security Secrets Most Americans Don't Know

Get the hidden scoop on your retirement benefits.

Retirement Planning for Middle-Income Workers
A recent study identifies the following retirement planning decisions as having the biggest financial impact on middle-income workers.

3 Moves That Will Keep Your Retirement Plan on the Right Track
Here are three risks that may not be top of mind but that you should still guard against as you plan for and enter retirement.

Avoid This Common Retirement Planning Mistake
One question that most people who seek financial advice have in common is the best way to plan for retirement.

Succession Planning and the Family-Owned Business
You must consider a number of factors as you formulate and implement your succession plan.

Post-Retirement Planning: A Checklist for Seniors
Seniors should ensure they are just as prepared for post-retirement as they were before leaving the work force.

Washington Lawmakers Consider Funding Long-Term Care
The novel program would provide long-term care insurance through a payroll deduction of about 0.5 percent.

Do You Need To Pay Tax On Your Social Security Benefits?
Each year, many seniors grapple with whether any or all of those benefits are taxable.

3 Awful Reasons to Start Taking Social Security Benefits at 70

Yes, delaying collecting Social Security will make your checks bigger. But you still may not want to do that.

Succession Planning for a Business
What’s very important for a younger business to become one of these “legacy businesses” is succession planning.

A 5-Step Checklist for Enrolling in Medicare

Is it time for you to enroll in Medicare? Here's a system that will help you choose the right plan with a minimum of fuss and bother.

Who Can Take Social Security Before Age 62?
There are several situations where you can get Social Security benefits even if you're much younger than early retirement age.

How to Finance Long-Term Care Needs
Failing to plan for long-term care expenses may leave aging men and women with little or no assets late in life.

State Needs Long-Term Care Plan for our Elders
Most of us will need long-term care as we age, but as a society we are largely unprepared for the significant costs of this care.

Estate Planning: Medicare vs. Social Security
When it comes to signing up for Medicare and Social Security, what older employees don’t know can hurt them.

Fighting Medical Identity Theft: 7 Steps
It is critical that you know the steps to combat the theft.

How to Fight Medical Identity Theft

 If your bank account is hijacked, it can be a hassle to correct.. When your medical identity is stolen, the stakes rise.

We Looked at 66 Estate Planners Serving Rochester and Picked the Top 16

Pellittiere & Jonsson PLLC ranks in the top 16 estate planners of Rochester, NY.

SEMINAR: Wills vs. Trusts: The benefits & Drawbacks of Each

Start Planning Now to Care for Elderly Parents
If you have an aging parent and want a glimpse of what the future holds, look no further.

3 Key End-of-Year Retirement Check-Up Tips
As the end of the year approaches, investors may want to think about taking stock of their retirement plans.

How to Start Thinking about an Estate Plan
If you have assets — like a 401(k), savings or brokerage account, or a house — it's important to think about how those possessions will be distributed when you are gone.

The Basics of Asset Protection
If someone loses a lawsuit a judgement creditor can strip them of just about everything -- if they don’t have a good asset protection strategy in place.

The Best Social Security Claiming Strategy Will Answer These 3 Questions

Here's how you can get the most out of Social Security.

When Making Long-Term Care Decisions, Get a Second Opinion
Although most of the care comes from unpaid caregivers (generally family members or friends), those who require more care are finding that the cost is rising.

In Your Retirement Planning, Include the Cost of Long-Term Care
Many underestimate the costs and mistakenly believe health insurance can help cover it.

How Will You Pay for Long Term Care if You Need It?
You may think that Medicare will pay. However, it will only cover up to 100 days of short-term care, in a skilled setting.

6 Things A Trust Can Do That You May Not Realize
The maker of the trust transfers ownership of certain assets to the trust, and a trustee manages those assets for the beneficiary or that trust.

Making a Positive Transition to Long-Term Care
Change can be difficult for anyone, but as seniors age, change can feel even more threatening and cause more stress than it needs to.

7 Tips for Talking to Your Aging Parents About Money
 It seems no one wants to talk about death, dying or the financial realities that come with aging.

Estate Planning Tips for Newlyweds
Here are a few simple things newlyweds or any couple can do to ensure their loved ones are provided for in the event something unforeseen occurs.

Tips for Choosing the Medicare Plan That’s Right for You
Fall and winter don’t just bring cooler temperatures and the holidays – the final seasons of the year also mean open enrollment for Medicare.

4 Must-Dos Before Retirement
I've seen too many people get too late a start on these four essential retirement checklist items.

Five Tips For Protecting Seniors In A Technological World
Seniors are steadily embracing technology like social media, email and smartphones to stay in touch with family and friends. However, seniors are also at risk of becoming victims of fraud through these same digital modes.

So You're About to Retire. Now What?

Do you have enough money saved to retire comfortably? Which accounts should you tap into first? And what should you do with your investments after you retire?

Retiree health care costs up 6%, new study finds

A newly retired couple would need $275,000 for medical care throughout retirement, according to Fidelity

Social Security underpaid some survivor benefits
Social Security survivor benefits can serve as a crucial lifeline for widows and widowers. But a newly released report by the Social Security Administration's Office of the Inspector General (OIG) found that more than 100,000 widows and widowers may have received less than they were due.

Your Money: Your easy 5-point retirement checklist
Planning ahead will go a long way in feeling more confident to take on a retirement that may last upwards of three decades. If you’re thinking about retiring within the next few years, now is the time to get your financial ducks in a row. Here are our top tips to help ensure you’re prepared.

Your Money: Financial planning tips to help singles
Conversations surrounding financial planning are often presented in the context of how married couples can navigate retirement together. What is becoming increasingly common is that a great many people are preparing for and entering retirement single.

5 Ways to Sort Through Long-term Care Planning
According to PBS NewsHour and the SCAN Foundation, 70 percent of Americans older than 65 will need some form of long-term care—yet very few do enough, if anything at all, to plan for this critical time in their lives.

Understanding Your Asset Protection Plan
Outside of a basic set of best practices and common risks, asset protection plans are as fact specific as the care you give your patients. There are however, some ideas that are almost never the right choice.

3 Financial Considerations for Unmarried Couples
Because unmarried couples lack some of the same legal protections that married couples benefit from, being proactive about clarifying the "fine print" of legal and financial documents is critical.

Retirement Planning for Women

Women average longer lifespans and lower savings that require creative planning strategies.

How To Get Long-Term Care At Home Without Busting The Bank
The vast majority of older adults receive long-term care at home, not in nursing homes. But few people plan for this expense.

Are Trusts Still Useful If the Estate Tax Is Repealed?
With no estate tax, do you still need a trust? While trusts can be used to shelter assets from the estate tax, trusts have many other valuable estate planning uses.

3 Moves you should make in the first 3 years of retirement
If anything, financial planning becomes even more important, because you won't have a steady paycheck that you can fall back on.

How to Use IRA Savings to Buy Long-Term Care Insurance
Long-term care insurance (LTCi) is an important element of good retirement planning, since it offers financial protection against unexpected illness or disability that would otherwise eat into savings.

60 Second Tips: Do You Need Long Term Care Insurance?
Americans are living longer and that very well could include you. If there is one thing you need to know about long-term care it's that it's REALLY EXPENSIVE.

RSVP of Montgomery County: 5 tips for navigating Medicare
For most people turning 65 means becoming eligible for Medicare. Understanding options and making wise choices seems a difficult path for many, but starting early is the key to success.

Estate planning: Catching up on readers' questions
If an inheritance is not subject to income tax, why would my broker tell me that my family will have to pay income tax on an inheritance?

Retirement Healthcare Costs Are Rising Twice as Fast as Social Security
For years, older workers have been warned to prepare for rising healthcare costs in retirement.

Are We Facing a Retirement Crisis?
Given all the negative factors that are converging on future retirees, it's not surprising that people are concerned. But don't give up yet -- it's still possible to have a happy, well-funded retirement.

Shedding Light On Blind Trusts
A blind trust is a device whereby the creator (the “grantor”) places assets into trust to be managed by an independent trustee without his or her knowledge or participation.

When Should I Get a Last Will and Testament?
The main benefit a person loses when they fail to execute a last will and testament is the ability to nominate executors to administer their estate after death.

Defending Inheritance And Gifts From Divorce
Statistics show half of all American marriages end in divorce, which means assets that originally belonged to one spouse may end up in the other’s hands. That’s a big reason why we advise using trust arrangements whenever passing on assets to children or grandchildren.

6 Estate Planning Tips for Unmarried LGBT Couples
Even though LGBT couples can marry and enjoy the same benefits as straight married couples, marriage isn't the right choice for every couple. For those who choose not to get married, estate planning is even more important.

A Quick Guide to the Difference Between Medicaid and Medicare
Medicare and Medicaid may sound alike, but these government health insurance programs are dramatically different from one another.

Pushing Wealth Transfer Plans Into The 21st Century
Among affluent families, the disconnect between what their current wealth transfer planning does, and what they want their planning to do, is staggering.

How to Make Long Term Care Feel as Comfortable as Home
From personalizing and decorating to making new friends and participating in activities, there are many ways that long-term care can quickly come to feel like home.

6 Ways to Maximize Your Medicare
If your goals include improving your current and future health and saving a lot of money, you'll want to make smart Medicare decisions. Here are 6 savvy ways to maximize your Medicare.

5 Benefits of Moving to a Senior Living Community when You Are an Active Older Adult
Moving to a senior living community before you need assisted living, nursing, or memory care carries many advantages, especially for active adults.

Younger People Feel the Stress of Alzheimer's Caregiving
Everyone in the family can feel the stress when a loved one has a diagnosis of Alzheimer's.

6 Estate Planning Tips to Get Your Affairs in Order
Everyone dies eventually; the only question is when. It doesn’t matter if you have a small amount of property or a large one—you need to make sure your affairs are in order.

Tips for Older Adults Living Without a Caregiver
Family caregivers can offer a tremendous amount of support for older adults. But for those who do not have a caregiver, there are plenty of ways that seniors can stay safe and confident while living independently.

5 Must-Do Tips For Your Will And Estate Planning
To make sure that when you die your estate isn't dragged through the courts and decimated by taxes, and other decisions are carried out the way that you want, you need to take the following five steps now.

Getting Your House in Order: Estate Planning is for Everyone
Similar to the foundation of a house, the foundation of our estate plan is our legacy, to whom do we want our assets to go upon our death: family, friends or the community.

Now That You Have Accessed Digital Assets, Don’t Forget to Value Them
It is well documented that all of our lives have become more data-driven and we are practically tethered to our electronic devices

Top 10 Senior Housing Trends for 2017
Not every senior housing trend will be driven by Trump, but the new administration’s impact on the economy, the health care system and other areas will be a big part of the story in the coming year.

25 Smart Retirement Moves You Can Make in 2017
If you want to meet and perhaps exceed your retirement goals, there are some actions you should be taking. Here are a bunch of smart moves to boost your future security.

Estate plan, life plan frequently develop together
If they do want to farm, you have to give instructions via your will to trustees and guardians about how this happens, when it happens, what the nonfarming children will receive vs. the farming children, etc.

Estate Planning Guide: How Can a Man Protect Himself and His Family After Death?
Here is a blueprint with important details you need to know.

Preparedness is key to positive outcome
It is wise to prepare in advance for potential end-of-life issues and emergencies that could lead to the need for assistance with decision-making.

New Medicare Rules Should Help High Need Patients Get Better Treatment
Doctors have complained for years that they’re not paid adequately for time-consuming work associated with managing care for seriously ill older patients: consulting with other specialists, talking to families and caregivers, interacting with pharmacists and more.

Proper Handling of Bank Accounts
The bank account is used by many people to deposit funds they receive from an employer or other income source and to disburse those funds for goods and services, primarily by means of checks and ATM transactions.

Estate planning basics and avoiding probate with a living trust
One of the most important parts of the financial planning process is estate planning. Many people mistakenly believe that estate planning is only necessary for the wealthy.

Health Insurance Costs Threatening Our Seniors
Expenses will continue to rise next year for one key reason.

New rules give nursing home residents more power
About 1.4 million people living in nursing homes across the country can now be more involved in their care under the most wide-ranging revision of federal rules for such facilities in 25 years.

Winter safety tips for those with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia
As the temperature dips into seasonal ranges for winter, those caring for someone with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia should all be on notice that snow, extreme temperatures and early darkness present special problems.

Financial Planning Through a Client's Life Stages
This simple financial map may help take some of the anxiety out of managing your finances.

Estate Planning Tips for Blended Families
Most of us need to do some type of estate planning, but it's especially important if you are part of a blended family. And the best time to start is now - before these plans need to be implemented.

Medicare to Pay for Cognitive Assessment & Care Planning for Alzheimer's
Care planning benefit now available for those living with Alzheimer’s disease celebrated by Alzheimer’s Impact Movement

4 Estate Planning Documents You Need Beyond A Will
Estate and succession planning is complex. Although it will take hard work and hours to complete, it will help you alleviate anxiety for your family and business.

10 Reasons to Stop Putting Off Your Estate Planning
Whether your current estate plan requires revisiting or whether you do not have an estate plan in place, the following are ten reasons to stop putting off your estate planning.

6 tips to avoid power of attorney financial abuse
One of the most common reasons seniors likely hesitate to sign a Power of Attorney appointing another person to act on their behalf is fear of loss of control and exploitation.

6 steps to manage post-election reactions in LTC
The 2016 presidential election has revealed a deep rift in our country, and quite possibly in our long-term care facilities as well.

7 Ways To Keep Your Parents' Assets From The Taxman
These seven strategies can lower taxes for your parents, their estate and you.

Shop at Alex & Ani on December 13th
Shop at Alex & Ani on December 13th between 5 and 8pm. 15% of all proceeds will be donated to National Parkinson Foundation of Greater Rochester.

5 Mistakes You Cannot Afford to Make in Medicare Open Enrollment
Smart changes may save you $1,000 and more annually. Here's where to look for savings.

How Much Money Do You Really Need for Retirement?
Many retirement experts say that the average retiree will need to replace 70%-80% of their income in retirement, since some expenses will fall, such as work-related costs like commuting, dry cleaning, or professional fees.

4 creative ways to tackle rising health care costs when planning for retirement
No matter how hard you worked or how much you saved, the sad reality of today's economic landscape is that the rising cost of health care can quickly eat away at your retirement fund.

Must-Know Stats About Long-Term Care
There's little dispute that the need for long-term care is on the rise with an aging population. Here are "must-know" statistics on LTC.

Social Security: 3 Great Reasons to File for Benefits at 70
If you fall close to the averages in these three areas, waiting to age 70 for Social Security is almost definitely the best move you could make.

5 Facts You Didnt Know About Retirement
Here are some important retirement-related facts about Social Security, long-term care, retirement savings balances, homeownership, and taxes.

PUBLIC HEARING: 2016 Rochester Elder Law Fair
The Monroe County Office for the Aging will be conducting a public hearing for discussion of the 2017 Monroe County Area Plan for Long Term Services and Supports.

6 Crucial Succession-Planning Steps
The Farm Journal Legacy Project Advisory Team shares tactical steps in how you can craft a successful plan for your farm.

3 common estate planning questions, answered
When it comes to financial planning, the focus is typically on better preparing you for the future. We work with clients to try to limit taxes, create more...

What Is a Life Estate?
The phrase "life estate" often comes up in discussions of estate and Medicaid planning, but what exactly does it mean?

5 Tips for Avoiding Common Medicare Missteps
Medicare can be complicated, and if you don't understand its rules, you can end up getting short-changed.

Estate Planning Needs to Be on Your Retirement To-Do List
Death is not something people want to talk about. And that is probably one of the reasons so many people do not have an estate plan, or even a will.

5 Medicare Tips for New Retirees
Switching from employer health coverage can be tricky.

Navigating Non-Relative Inheritance
How to avoid elder exploitation and other inheritance headaches.

Estate planning for intellectual property
If you are an inventor, author, artist, or owner of a closely held business, you may have already taken steps to help protect your Intellectual Property Rights.

When Dementia Threatens Your Money
A financial adviser explains how to protect your money in the event you develop dementia.

Personal property and estate planning
What is the best way to handle personal property in a will? Should the property be itemized? Is there an easier way to handle it?

3 Smart Medicare Advantage Moves
Many people don't realize that they have alternatives to traditional Medicare. Find out three ways you can benefit from considering Medicare Advantage.

How To Keep Your Inheritance From Your Ex-Spouse
If you don’t want to eventually give half of your non-marital assets to your spouse, keep the ownership of those assets strictly separate from your marital assets during the marriage.

5 approaches to make advance care planning useful
The Center for Humanizing Critical Care has developed a more targeted approach to move beyond the confusion and frustration of traditional living wills and code status.

Six questions you should ask your estate planning attorney
You may think of estate planning as something simple. You may have seen the forms for the statutory will or patient advocate designation and thought, "I can fill that out."

Seniors have more options than selling their home
Why planning ahead and contacting an elder law attorney can help you save your home.

Understanding power of attorney documents
What’s the difference between a power of attorney and a durable power of attorney?

Dead Millionaire Convinced Dozens Of Women To Have As Many Babies As Possible
The Timlecks were one of dozens of Toronto families that tried to have as many children as possible in a 10-year period for a chance to win millions of dollars in Depression-era Toronto.

Winning the Estate Tax Game
Here are 10 valuable do's and don'ts for estate owners.

7 Questions to Ask When Looking for an Assisted Living Community
Finding the right assisted living community for your loved one or yourself can seem like a daunting task. Knowing the right questions to ask can help you find the right fit.

6 Things to Know for a Head Start in Medicare Enrollment
Is your 65th birthday looming? Is your mailbox still visible under the flood of flyers advertising Medicare health plans that you must join?

10 Things That Could Give You Peace of Mind on Your Next Vacation
Here are some travel-planning tips to consider taking that could increase your peace of mind when you leave on your next vacation.

8 Little-Used Medicare Benefits You Will Want to Know
Cariloop Chief Service Officer Jeryn Laengrich shares some hidden Medicare benefits you may not have known exist. Take advantage of them with these tips.

Elder Care Insiders' perspectives about CCRCs
When individuals are planning for their retirement years, a common goal that is expressed is the desire to remain in one's own home for as long as possible.

5 Hidden Dangers of Not Having a Will
A will ensures that your property is transferred according to your wishes after your death. Not having one could create expensive problems for your heirs.

Planning Your Estate? You Need These 3 Documents Now
When planning your estate, most people assume a will is the priority. There are actually three other documents that are equally, or more, important to have.

3 Most Dangerous Myths of Retirement Planning
Rules of thumb may be a good place to start, but they shouldn't dictate all your retirement plans.

Top 10 Tax and Estate Planning Considerations for Same-Sex Couples
Tied to Upcoming Anniversary of U.S. Supreme Court's Marriage Equality Ruling, Attorney Representing Highly Successful Individuals and Families Discusses Impact on Tax and Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples.

Estate Planning Checklist: How to Create a Financially Sound Estate Plan
From power of attorney to wills and trusts — here's how to prepare for end-of-life care and estate taxes.

11 Life Events That Tell You It’s Time to Get a Will
Nobody can predict the future, which is why estate planning is so important. Here are some life events that may trigger needed changes to your will.

The Crisis Facing America's Working Daughters
Many are familiar with the challenges faced by working moms, but the troubles of women with aging parents are unseen and widely ignored.

Age Wave: The changing demographic landscape of America and Greater Rochester
Today, 46 million Americans are 65 and older. In just 15 years, 72 million Americans will be 65 or older.

Finding Out Your Power of Attorney Is Powerless
Financial institutions may refuse to accept traditional legal forms long after older clients are capable of filling out alternatives.

Building an Estate-Planning Team
A couple of decades ago, estate-planning attorneys might have gotten by with a legal assistant or two. Today, you may need an army to provide excellent client service.

How Can I Lower the Taxes on the Sale of My Mom’s House?
For anyone looking after the affairs of aging parents, the sale of a house isn’t just a sale of a house—it’s a tax issue, an estate issue and even a long-term health care issue.

How to Advise Clients on Unequal Distributions to Heirs
In estate planning, there are situations in which parents choose to divide their money unequally. These situations are potentially divisive for families, giving advisers an opportunity to be the voice of reason.

Integrating Life Insurance Into Estate Planning
Four in 10 Americans do not own a life insurance policy, according to LIMRA, even though this important tool can provide liquidity and help the policy owner’s heirs cover future expenses.

Avoid This Estate Planning Mistake
You've worked hard to create a legacy. Make sure you're leaving it to the right people.

Estate Planning Enters the Digital Age
One reality of modern life is our increasing reliance on digital information and services.

Do I Need to Update My Estate Planning Documents if I Move to a New State?
Moving to another state means you have to update everything from your driver's license to your postal address, but do you also have to update your estate planning documents? Some yes, some no. Read on for details.

What’s The Plan for a widow still years from retirement?
Life’s short, so eat dessert first. This week we look at a woman widowed at a young age and planning the next course of her life.

5 Money Mistakes Parents of Special Needs Kids Make
Parents of a child with special needs face unique challenges when planning their estates, and unless they address them correctly, they risk making mistakes that could have long-term, costly consequences for their child.

The One Thing Most Retirement Plans Are Missing
Estate planning is a topic that most of us would like to completely avoid addressing. Less than half of Americans have a will or other basic estate planning documents in place.

Is it possible to accurately predict your future health needs?
We all want good medical care, and we all want good health. Having the two increases our physical and mental conditions in the future.

A Prescription for Confusion: When to Take All Those Pills
Complicated drug regimens cause many older patients to throw up their hands. A few simple fixes could help solve the problem, experts say.

As Population Ages, Where Are the Geriatricians?
Amid a rising tide of older adults, there are fewer specialists to treat them. Most residents would rather do something else.

The Road Map to Self Direction: Exploring Your Options, Creating Opportunities
In collaboration with: Finger Lakes DDRO, Prevention 1st, TouchStream Solutions, Upstate Special Needs Planning, and MediSked.

SEMINAR: Planning and Protecting Your Estate
You're invited and bring a friend! Please RSVP by June 6, 2016 - CALL: (585) 377-8970

SEMINAR: Journey Through Aging
Join Us as we help Rochester Seniors and their families discover all the resources our area has to offer to help them through their personal journey.

SEMINAR: Protecting Your Estate Through Proper Planning
At this seminar, we will discuss Estate Administration, Considerations for Surviving Spouse, and Taking Care of an Elderly Parent.

Family businesses require extensive succession planning
Family businesses require extensive succession planning In our March issue, Boating Industry profiled how to plan your exit strategy and the different pathways for transition.

10 Keys to Proper Estate Planning
Without an estate plan, an already hard situation for your loved ones can be even worse. Here's how to develop a plan that's right for you and your family.

Why Millennials and Generation Xers Need to Worry About Estate Planning
Estate planning is important for everyone, and those who consider it unnecessary need to know that it can have a significant impact on their family and finances.

When mom and dad are gone, how best to get rid of a lifetime of possessions
The process can be a logistical nightmare. But help is readily available.

Privacy + Estate Planning = Handling Your Digital Assets After You Die
The recently-proposed Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act is a potential solution to a problem that most of us eventually will face: how will our digital.

Clearing Barriers to a Successful Business Succession Plan
Christopher P. Woerhrle discusses the tax hurdles an owner of a closely held business must overcome to attain a secure retirement.

Activities of Daily Living Measure the Need for Long-Term Care Assistance
Most long-term care involves assisting with basic personal needs rather than providing medical care.

Estate Planning for the Never-Married
More Americans are staying single and childless. Without an immediate family, to whom do you leave your assets?

SEMINAR: The Probate Process From Start to Finish
At this seminar, our experienced faculty will give you detailed, step-by-step information to confidently and ably navigate the system.

The 2 Big Misconceptions About Long-Term Care
Next Avenue Influencer In Aging Sudipto Banerjee says Americans need to better understand the long-term care costs they may face.

10 Steps to Find the Right Nursing Home for Mom and Dad
Before deciding on a nursing home for your parents, check out what activities are offered and how the staff interacts with residents.

5 Smart Estate-Planning Steps to Avoid Probate
Planning ahead for what will happen to your property when you are no longer around can help save a significant amount of time and money for your heirs.

Why More Doctors Are Walking Away From Medicare
Anybody familiar with Medicare is likely aware of the ever-changing nature of this government program.

How a New Payment Stream Could Come to Senior Care
As baby boomers age, the demand for senior care options will increase and there currently are limited ways for middle-income earners to pay for these services.

Help for professionals to avoid mistakes associated with wills and estates
Making a will can feel like a complex and often daunting task, however carefully planning your estate is an important part of ensuring your family is protected.

Money Ain't Funny: The strain of long-term care for seniors
Long-term care planning is a complex issue that could unnecessarily drain a senior’s life savings.

Living Will & Power of Attorney
A Living Will (sometimes referred to as a medical Directive) is a document in which a person states whether or not life-sustaining procedures should…

3 Simple Tips For Planning Your Estate
Regardless of the size of the estate, there was one common theme: People are particularly persnickety about personal property, and rich or poor, our stuff means a lot to us.

Steps Small Business Owners Can Take For Retirement
Baby boomer small business owners are getting closer to retirement. What steps need to taken for a smooth transition when selling a business?

Having a Partner is Not Necessarily a Viable Succession Plan
When it comes to succession planning, one of the most common misconceptions is “I have a partner in the business. The future of my firm and clients is protected."

3 Medicare Misunderstandings That Could Cost You
It's worth learning more about Medicare and perhaps even consulting a professional for guidance about it, as some savvy strategizing can save you money.

A Succession Plan - Your New Year’s Resolution?
As the Chinese say, a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. What should that step be for you, the owner-manager?

Current LGBT Practices in Long-Term Care Facilities Lacking
Long term care (LTC) facilities despite the existence of models, the state's LTCs have no plan on how to approach the care of LGBT older adults.

The Continuum Of Long-Term Care
Many receive long-term care at their homes or at community centers or adult day care centers.

Elder Law: Healthcare options for the elderly and disabled
We all know that health care is big business. Just look at how it continues to change under the pressure of government regulation, subsidies, consolidation, and competition.

Key Numbers for 2016 Business, Estate and Protection Planning
Here’s an overview of the latest relevant figures for business, estate and protection planning, courtesy of Forefield.

Estate And Gift Tax-Saving Opportunities
This is the first in a series of articles designed to help you demystify the estate-planning process for your clients.

What This Survey Said About Paying For Long-Term Care
The costs of caring for the aging have skyrocketed. In a Next Avenue survey, participants said the burden should be shared and not just left to families.

Next Wave of Seniors Rejects Nursing Homes, Fears Burdening Family
Aging adults have many concerns as they near retirement—among them health care costs and nursing home stays—but they’re doing little to plan ahead.

Elder Care: Medicare Recognizes Advance Care Planning
On a daily basis, individuals of all ages are required to make choices. As children grow into adults, the types of choices that must be made increase in variety and complexity.

Money Matters: Common Estate Planning Mistakes
Estate planning can be a complex process with far-reaching consequences, or quite simple. In either case it is important to review your wishes.

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