5 Benefits of Moving to a Senior Living Community when You Are an Active Older Adult

You have a big, beautiful house. But since your adult children have moved out, it’s empty more often than not. As you and your spouse struggle to keep up with the housework, home maintenance, and landscaping, you might wonder if it’s time to move to a senior living community.

Moving to a senior living community before you need assisted living, nursing, or memory care carries many advantages, especially for active adults.

Why Move to a Senior Living Community?
Here are a few benefits:

1. Never worry about yard work or home maintenance
One of the key advantages of a senior community is saying good-bye to yard work, snow removal, and home maintenance. These things are included in your monthly senior living fees. You may even have the option to add housekeeping services.

2. Pay one monthly price for most of your expenses
We’re not going to tell you senior living communities are inexpensive. But when you add up your monthly living expenses from cable and internet access to your property taxes and everything you spend on entertainment, you’ll discover that senior living is more affordable than you thought.

Most residents in a senior community don’t need a car, since almost everything they need is located on-site and transportation services are provided to get around town. That’s another cost savings you might not have considered.

3. Enjoy many amenities close to home
As you factor in the cost savings of having so many things you love to do so close to home, you’ll also want to consider the convenience. Fitness classes, adult education, special events, and entertainment are all located on-site, along with gourmet dining options staffed by professional chefs.

Whether you like hiking, cycling, golf, gardening or weight training, you can find a senior community that offers your favorite hobbies.

4. Make new friends with similar interests
While you’re out and about in your community doing what you love, you’ll meet other seniors who enjoy the same things. If you find your social circle has gotten smaller, you can join a music group, a yoga class, or take an on-site class to meet interesting people your own age.

5. Move while you’re healthy 
It’s stressful for a senior who is experiencing changes in their mental and physical health to sell their home and move to assisted living. The burden of the sale of your home may fall on your children, who feel stressed to accept an offer so you can move.

Take Control of Your Future

Source: https://www.fivestarseniorliving.com/blog/health-wellness/5-benefits-of-moving-to-a-senior-living-community-when-you-are-an-active-older-adult
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