Fighting Medical Identity Theft: 7 Steps

1. Get a copy of your medical records.

Best bet is to make the request online or in writing. Request the records before raising the issue of a crime in order to avoid creating legal barriers.

2. File a police report. 
If you go to court, you'll need to prove you've been a victim. Your police report will also put law enforcement on alert for other potential victims and help build a case against the ID thief.

3. Get and wear a medical identity bracelet or necklace. 
This should list your blood type, allergies and any other special conditions. Emergency responders and other health care providers will have immediate access to accurate information about you.

4. Contact your medical providers. 
Ask for what's called a John or Jane Doe file extraction to separate the criminal's health information into another file, so that incorrect medical info doesn't appear in your history. It will still be linked to your history, but won't show up immediately when your record is pulled.

5. Contact your health insurance company. 
"Because they are the ones footing the bills, insurance companies are very good at helping people with this," Dixon says.

6. Contact your employer. 
The thief may have medical issues that could affect your job, making it important that you correct the record with your employer as well as with health care providers and insurers.

7. Notify your pharmacy. 
The pharmacist can flag your account to ask for additional identification to verify your identity before filling a prescription.

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