PLEASE READ: Coronavirus Safety Precautions & Information
Coronavirus Safety Precautions & Information

In light of the potential dangers of the coronavirus, Pellittiere & Jonsson is offering alternatives to traditional, in person meetings. Of course, some meetings must take place in person because they require signing of legal documents with witnesses and/or notaries present. Because there are those necessary meetings, we are frequently wiping down our office, encouraging hand washing and limiting person-to-person contact.  
When possible, we will offer, and even encourage, meetings and advice remotely. This can be done over the phone or by video chat. Many people have and use Skype already. That is an easy means to communicate effectively. We also have access to Zoom, a commercial video conference program. We would email a link to the client with an invitation and access to the video chat. These are effective means to continue to provide advice without potential dangers of social interaction.
We are committed to continue to provide legal advice and support even facing this unprecedented situation. Estate planning and elder law are important areas to address for the protection of one’s family. We are trying to limit the disruption while recognizing the potential dangers of the situations. If you have an appointment, let us know if you prefer to “meet” over the phone or by video conference. If you do not yet have an appointment feel free to call to begin the process.

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