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Why You Need to Hire an Estate Planning Attorney

Estate Planning Attorney going over estate plan.
An estate planning lawyer can draw up a plan for you that will go a long way in safeguarding your property and the rest of the aspects of your estate. Estates are seldom managed alone, and there can be several claimants to the cumulative income after the estate owner’s death.  

There are other things to consider as well as asset distribution is concerned. However, a missing signature or a misinterpreted statement can change how you want your estate managed.

What Can Estate Attorneys Do For You?  

An estate planning attorney will be the best person to help you draft a plan. Here is how.  

Navigating the State Laws  

State laws can be complex, and there are rules about what you can or cannot put in a will or a trust. Confidentiality agreements are stating who may or may not witness the documents. There are also state regulations regarding who can act as personal representatives or trustees. A licensed attorney located in the state you reside in will be able to navigate through the laws and make a plan that is suited to your interests.  

Making an Indisputable Plan 

The entire point of making an estate plan is to remove grey areas that might jeopardize your estate. An attorney will make a perfect plan for you through which there would be no discrepancy whatsoever about how you want to pass on your estate or to whom you would want to bequeath the estate.  

This is especially crucial if you want a part of the estate or the income set aside for younger family members while making someone else guardians till they come of age. The plan needs to be failsafe and should not create any confusion with the wording, nor allow anyone else to find loopholes that they can use to their advantage and start a legal dispute.  

Updating and Execution of the Plan  

Estate attorneys often work for estate owners for life. They are aware of the estate’s incomes, financial dealings, and debts in most cases. They can help you update the estate plan according to the changing circumstances over the years.  

All the cases covering untimely deaths in the family or sudden financial losses or gains must be accounted for. You might want to include or remove a beneficiary from a will. Your estate planning attorney will make these updates for you and ensure all the clauses of the revised plan are followed through even when you are not around. 

How to Find the Best Estate Planning Attorney? 

You need to check a few viewpoints before deciding on the right attorney to entrust your estate to.  

Ask for Referrals  

Do not just look up the internet to find the best estate attorney. Several qualified attorneys are out there, but not all estates are the same, and not all estate owners have the same concerns. Apart from finding out whether they experience exclusively in this field, ask about the estates they have served before. Check if there have been any legal disputes later and how they have handled situations. 

Respecting Privacy 

Your estate could have a sizable income, and your business might be directly tied up with it. Keeping trade secrets and family affairs private is necessary to prevent outsiders from taking advantage of any sudden mishaps. The attorney should be respectful of your privacy and, if necessary, should also be ready to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).  

Does the Estate Planning Lawyer carry Legal Malpractice Insurance? 

Typically, choosing an attorney with legal malpractice insurance means they are more mindful about their roles and responsibilities towards their clients. They are more aware of the consequences of giving wrong advice and what it could mean for them or their firm.  

You can expect them to be more accountable than lawyers who do not have this insurance. They are required to pay in part or full for the damages caused by their errors in judgment that might have resulted in losses for your estate. Find out if carrying this insurance is a must in your state. 

By enrolling in the services of an estate planning attorney, you will have a firm grip on your estate dealings. You will be updated about the legal standings of the various affairs conducted by the estate and the proper distribution of its incomes. You can consult experts like Pellittiere & Jonsson for more insight into this matter and be assured that your estate will be in safe hands.


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